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On more than one occasion it has been crossed from the Pacific to the Caribbean looking for the best waves. Thanks to the various reports of different websites and you can find them on the menu Reports surfeapanama.com.Surfers can now better organize and plan their session in the right place .


Surfear Panama

Sunset on a beach in Veraguas, Panama

This is a country with good waves, good food and great accommodation for all budgets . We have beaches and waves are very consistent in certain areas and considered, as Santa Catalina, some of the best waves in Central America. Our geography is unique, roads are the best in the area and the infrastructure has the fastest growth in the region currently . Sure, Panama is not a perfect country and there are many things to improve the service and information to visitors.


Las Mejores Fotos de Olas de Panamá

Best waves @surfeapanama

There are waves and destinations that can be selected according to the level of surfing where you are, if you want near Panama City or in different provinces with beaches suitable to practice surfing. Beginner , intermediate, advanced level , there is waves for everyone in Panama.


Grom Surfing Panama

Diego Sanchez Tubeando in Punta Chame

Panama is still in growth when it comes to surfing , there are still undiscovered places and you can choose from several destinations depending on your thirst for adventure.


Secret Surf Spot Panama

Surf Panama

For many surfers this is a benefit , as they can have surf sessions almost privately, as throughout the world , the beaches have been there for millions of years , and waves breaking continue indefinitely.


Sarah Sanchez surfing panama

Sarah Sanchez, surfing is life!

It is time to enhance tourism in the surf in Panama and with this contribute our grain of sand to improve the quality of life of the communities that are committed to tourism. Sports tourism in many neighboring countries generates a significant percentage of gross domestic product, this helps greatly to distribute wealth of each country to improve the economy of the locals, neighboring communities , local businesses and services .


Surfing Bocas del Toro Panama

Bocas del Toro Surfing

Panama is still a very safe place , with a transport system quite efficient, inland road or through an internal flight . It is very easy to get to destinations, but we recommend a car to visit most of them with convenience in transportation of surf equipment , preferably but not indispensable that has 4x4 . There are several car rental companies at economical prices. Also in each safe place you find people who are dedicated to making transfers to surf the area .


Isauro Elizondo Surfeando Santa Catalina

Surfing Santa Catalina - Isauro Elizondo

We have some companies that can fix your tour surf packages , if you want something simpler.Often traveling to another country can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time. In surfeapanama.com you will be able to find the information of these companies soon. Panama still offers food in economically accessible places , depending on your budget , you can find typical trattorias food at reasonable prices, international restaurants and a la carte.


Beachbreaks o Puntas que olas prefieres surfear en Panama 


Panama is a hot spot in its coastal areas and reaches up to 35-40 degrees Celsius, regardless of rainy or dry season, the climate is humid tropical . In the summer , the breeze is a little dry and cool, north in winter it is cooler and wetter predominating south winds. If you are not accustomed to high humidity and heat, we recommend taking all possible precautions, drink plenty of water and use sunscreen.


Temperatura del agua para surfear en panama 


The water temperature is warm, in the summer water temperature may drop slightly due to the trade winds, which you will bear a little more typical warmth of our beaches and sometimes even wear a wetsuit. The rainy season is the longest, starting from May to November even part of December. But in this period you can run the best waves in the Pacific Ocean beaches that are activated by the powerful swells in the southern hemisphere.


Bluff beach bocas del toro panama 


In the Panamanian Caribbean, you can find good waves during the months of December to March mainly. Northbound also for half the year between the months of June and July, you can hunt one or another swell with short duration.


Olas perfectas en el Oceano Pacífico y Caribe Panameño 


We hope you enjoy your visit to Panama and if you live here you should consider learning to surf and visit all these incredible destinations that await for you in Panama !

Visit Panama !




Panama Surf Spots:


Surf en Panamá
  • Las Bovedas
  • Isla Chepillo
  • Playa Malibú
  • Playa Serena
  • Punta de Teta
  • El frente de Teta
  • Rinconsito
  • Playa El Palmar
  • Punta del Palmar
  • Hawaiisito
  • Frente Río Mar
  • Punta Río Mar
 Surf en Bocas del Toro
  • Dumpers
  • Punch
  • Playa Bluff
  • Carenero
  • Silverbacks
  • Playa Larga
Surf en Colón
  • Playa Maria Chiquita
  • Isla Grande
  • Isla Mamei
  • Palenque
  • Cuango
  • Playón
  • Tortugas
  • V-Land
 Surf en Los Santos
  • Playa Lagarto
  • Playa El Toro
  • Playa Destiladeros
  • Ciruelo
  • Playa Venao
  • Playa Madroño
  • Playa Raya
  • Playa Guánico
  • Cambutal
  • 411
  • Dinosaurio
  • La Bruja
  • Corto Circuito


Surf en Veraguas
  • Punta de Santa Catalina
  • Estero
  • Punta Brava
  • Punta Roca
  • Isla Cébaco
  • Calovébora
Surf en Chiriquí
  • Coiba
  • Isla Montuosa
  • Isla Silva de Afuera
  • Isla Silva de Adentro
  • Morro Negrito
  • Playa Las Lajas
  • La Barqueta
  • Punta Buríca
  • Estero Rico

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